Are you looking for a Photographer to help capture that perfect moment in your life?

From engagement photography through newborns & beyond, photographing these memories to hold on to are absolutely priceless.

I hope to be able to photograph the rare and unduplicated moments in the lives of all my clients in New York & Connecticut. To book a photography session for yourself or a loved one, contact Hanging On A Moment Photography today.

My name is Justyna and I live in Milford, Connecticut with my wonderful husband, my beautiful one year old daughter and two very spoiled cats (we highly suspect that our daughter might also be spoiled).  We moved to Connecticut two years ago; prior to that we lived in San Diego, California- a slice of real paradise.

My style of photography is a mix of photojournalism and posed photography. I love to capture the mood and atmosphere of a day, but I’m not afraid to give direction if my subject shows symptoms of camera shyness. When photographing in a client’s home, I enjoy finding striking pieces of furniture, incorporating window light into photographs, and highlighting architectural features found throughout the home.

I primarily shoot with natural light, but as we all know Mother Nature can be unpredictable. For those days in which the weather is uncooperative, I am fully trained and prepared in studio photography, and will arrive equipped with studio lighting and portable lights to make sure I can take that perfect photograph in any condition. If you’re up for an adventure, I also have secret indoor locations in various towns that I can take my clients to for sessions.

My life is centered on being outside; I enjoy hiking and kayaking, and my best days are spent relaxing in the sun at the beach. Being outdoors inspires me, so naturally I love to take portraits outside. I’m always scavenging for new and unique shoot locations- the more creative and fun the location, the better the pictures!  
All in all, I am happiest when taking pictures. The delicate click of the shutter makes my heart pounce, and seeing life translate into image is like poetry to me. My goal is to help you capture your most memorable moments, one photo at a time, and to assemble them into a collection for you to cherish and share with your friends and family.  

Thank you for visiting my website! If there is anything else you would like to know, or if you have questions I left unanswered, drop me a line at HangingOnAMomentPhoto@gmail.com