We are owned by Hank Fanter, LUTCF.
We are proud to serve the Chicago Suburbs for almost 30 years.
We have offices in Bartlett and Rolling Meadows (Corporate Center 12th Floor).
We specialize in Fixed Indexed Annuities to position baby boomers age 50-65 to accumulate tax- deferred income for a secure lifetime retirement.
We do IRA and 401k Rollovers and CD Transfers to maximize growth and minimize risk.
We also do Fixed Indexed Whole Life paying tax -free retirement income.
We compliment programs with Tax -Advantaged Long Term Care and Disability Income.
We believe that nobody should lose a dime in the market yet have a chance to secure gain in an upside market.
We offer safe carriers of annuities that offer incentive bonuses and inflation proof riders.
We are a independent financial adviser and clients love us as a profit center to them.
We work primarily with affluent small business owners, doctors, dentists and executives, and provide outstanding benefit programs to owners and individuals.
We conduct a professional fact finder before making any recommendations.
We don't charge anything for our advice or service. The carrier pays us a commission.
We conduct Retirement Planning Seminars and Employee Benefit Workshops.
We give a free monthly newsletter full of helpful industry tips. Ask for one.
We are awarded the 2011 Merchant Circle of Excellence for outstanding service.
We support the community and help the homeless. Owner is founder of a non- profit org.