About Hannah Pilnick
Hannah Pilnick is a guide and international mentor, author, creator, developer of Completion & Correction Healing® (CCH™), and a therapist using the method. A graduate of the School of Classical Homeopathy and a RcHom certified.
Hannah Pilnick began her life path of healing people as a classical homeopath at the age of 25 after graduating from college with a degree in homeopathy.
It was her love for her son and her strong desire to prevent his suffering that led her to discover that the solution to children’s suffering lies in their parents.
From that point, Hannah went through a profound spiritual transformation that enabled her to realize that parents in general, and mothers in particular, can heal their own children. Through the documentation of thousands of cases Hannah healed, the idea kept taking shape. With the passage of time, Hannah understood that the concept of parents healing their own children is the most natural thing in the world. It was a concept that came from deep within her, awakening an awareness that had always been a part of her.
In 2008, Hannah Pilnick and her family moved to Los Angeles. Her husband Nadav left his career and joined her mission. Together, they have worked to make her dream of sharing this knowledge a reality. Over time, all of its many layers were revealed to her and became what is today known as the Healing Parents knowledge. Hannah continues to help parents mainly through seminars and books.

For more information, visit Hannah's sebsite: http://healingparents.net