Happy Bright Light: A Weekly Empowerment Guide is a book is for any individual looking to build their confidence and personal strength. It is geared specifically toward young adults that are gaining ground on learning who they are in this busy, fast-paced world. This is a valuable tool (for kids, teens, young adults parents, teachers and role models) that will provide insight on how to become stronger and more confident.

The book is intended to be a reminder or a tool to reveal existing brilliance. It includes positive and straightforward life guidance. Key themes throughout the book include many references to the words light (a reference on being happy and positive) and dark (which can interpret fear and doubt, but can also enable seeing the contrast of how bright one can become)

The book's material is accompanied by nature photography to remind readers to slow down and appreciate the world around them. It's also a reminder to readers that they have similarities with our world, which is continuously growing. While these images are meant to be an inspiring guide to show how marvelous, strong and bright individuals truly are, the content explains that the true inspirational power is already present.