We're just a ragtag group of quirky friends with a passion for creating interesting, beautiful and (sometimes) educational things. Happy Chess brings these together in one awesome package – a cross-platform, mobile chess app with a twist.

However, Happy Chess would not exist without the creative vision of our fearless (or fearful, depending on the day) leader, Maxx. Maxx learned the game of chess at a young age under the instruction of his father, and while he would never consider himself a master of the game, it is a constant presence in his life.

Maxx says, “To me, chess has always been the ideal representation of balance and replayability in gaming. The object of the game is simple, the rules easily understood. Every piece exists for a reason, and the starting position of the game is perfectly formulated to allow experimentation, risk-taking and reward. With Happy Chess, I want to make this classic game accessible to everyone, giving players a way to define their own risks and reap the rewards."