I was newly pregnant with my first child and finishing up my first pregnancy gift, a book on the experience of pregnancy. The final chapter title read "That Old Grey Mare...She Ain't What She Used To Be." I immediately burst into tears.

Pregnancy and new motherhood are hard. The right gift can brighten her day, comfort and protect her body, calm her fears and prepare her for the journey ahead. I knew as I read that final chapter that I wanted to start a business that would help people find the best pregnancy and new mom gifts for their loved ones. So, I polled the girls and thought back to my own pregnancies.

Along with a team of trial moms, we continually add to an award winning catalog of unique and useful pregnancy gifts, new mom gifts and newborn gifts perfect for "Congratulations!" We look forward to helping you find the perfect gift; whether it be for your newly pregnant mama, a baby shower or to welcome that little bundle of joy.