Whether looking for a good deal at a nearby spa or a reliable plumber for a leaking pipe, consumers will seek the Internet in search for answers. Happy Planet Central helps businesses establish and manage their online presence and reputation. We do the work online so that you can run your business. It's your business. It's your Internet. The time is now.

- Website Design & Development
- Search Engine Optimization
- Online Advertising
- Social Media Marketing
- Business Directory Listings
- E-Commerce Solutions
- Video Production Services
- Online Reputation Management

Our Story

We discovered (but didn't invent) the Internet in 1986 - it was love at first sight.
We have a deep appreciation for Internet technologies, mobile and social media.
We have spent much of our careers working with small businesses.
We serve the San Francisco Bay Area and the Greater Los Angeles Area - for now.

Our Products and Services

We offer services to help small businesses establish and manage their online presence and reputation.
We develop web and mobile software designed to help small businesses better engage with their customers.
We offer introductory and advanced social media and search engine marketing workshops for small businesses.

Our Approach

We combine web development, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and online reputation management into a single offering.

We measure success through the positive impact of our work, the happiness derived from it, and the resulting financial reward for everyone involved.

Our Promise

We do most of the work online so that you can take care of your business.
Progress is measured and communicated every step of the way.
Costs are kept to a minimum and aligned with your desired level of service.