Harbor Island Oyster Co. (www.harborislandoyster.com) offers quality oyster knives, wholesale oyster shuckers, oyster gift buckets, oyster accessories and oyster gloves that have been tested by real oyster eaters.  

The online company features the Harbor Island Oyster Co. Signature premium 8-inch oyster knife from Paderno – personalized for every customer.  Tested on dozens of oyster varieties from across North America, the 3-inch stainless steel blade is delicate enough to open small Pacific oysters and sturdy enough to tackle large, stubborn East Coast bivalves.  The hand guard is oversized to help protect hands and features a flat edge to rest the knife on the table.  Customers can choose to engrave each knife with a monogram, commemorative date, favorite saying, address or another special phrase.  Harbor Island Oyster Co. Signature oyster knives retail for $35.  Engraving and shipping are always offered at no charge.  As an added bonus, when not shucking oysters, the knife looks stunning on the shelf or in a hip holster at the next oyster roast.

Harbor Island Oyster Co. Signature knives and gift buckets are perfect for wedding and groomsmen’s gifts, hostess gifts, corporate acknowledgements, real estate closing gifts, and fundraising donor recognition.