NLD Settlement Corp is the nation’s leading hard money lender. We provide hard money loans to real   estate investors nationwide. We are currently providing hard money loans in 45 states.

We are 100% asset based nationwide hard money lenders for investment and commercial properties. We will not look at income or credit on 1-4 unit, 5 unit plus or mixed use properties.  With over 20 years of combined experience as a hard money lender in the private mortgage industry we make sure that your hard money real estate deals get funded. We provide hard money loans for residential and commercial properties nationwide.

We work with realtors, mortgage brokers and other nationwide hard money lenders. NLD Settlement Corp does not provide financing for owner occupied primary residences (we will only consider these in the state of California). The only properties we will consider for funding will be Non-Owner Occupied investment properties. We work with CPA’s, private investors and hedge funds to provide loans in a very short time period. If you want to get a hard money loan then we have the best loan options for you. We can get your hard money loans done with minimal paper work.