Harland Simon plc, has decades of experience dating back to 1915. We use our extensive application knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to design and build practical reliable solutions to help our customers improve the efficiency and profitability of their operations in highly demanding environments of all sizes, across the world! We have offices in the UK, USA and UAE.
With the strength to deliver complete control, management and information systems - from shop floor to boardroom - Harland Simon specialise in providing our customers with cost-effective solutions, tailored to their precise needs.
Harland Simon provide a full range of services from design and manufacturing through installation, commissioning and a range of lifetime support options. We can also offer consultancy services on a range of related subjects.
A customer focussed approach and a firm commitment to R & D and embracement of new technologies has kept Harland Simon at the forefront of the newspaper production industry. We specialize in industry standard Microsoft technologies such as Visual Studio, C++, SQL Server and Vista. This expertise has been recognized by the Gold Partner status achieved by Harland Simon.
All PC and PLC hardware is completely standard and can be sourced from a selection of major suppliers avoiding the issues surrounding proprietary design and manufacturing.
We continually strive to excel in the delivery of our solutions and have invested in the adoption of Prince2 project management systems and processes to assist in this. Naturally we comply with all relevant standards including CE, UL, and CSA as appropriate and our operation is fully certified for ISO 9001 compliance.

Active radio frequency identification (RFID) is evolving as a major technology enabler for tracking goods, assets and people. It is often described as a transformational technology in terms of its potential impact on business processes and systems. Increased productivity and improved resource utilisation through deployment of real time location system (RTLS) can help generate a significant return on investment.
Use of Active RFID technology can increase business productivity and reduce associated costs. To ensure that companies and organisations benefit from the advantages RFID provides, it is important to understand how to adopt this technology. Harland Simon provides in-house technical expertise to help you make the right choice to get the best from your investment in Active RFID.
Our automatic location solutions are designed to help you keep track of your valuable and critical resources whether they are people, patients, vehicles or equipment.
Harland Simon can provide both Wi-Fi and Non Wi-Fi real time location systems together with the applications and integration services that can provide real cost savings and improvements in efficiency of your operation.