Ubiquitous computing (smartphones, wearables, devices) is leading to a world of extreme winners and losers. We believe that winners exhibit the following traits - a) they are able to create Apps for everything b) have a highly productive workforce who can function any time and any place c) make decisions backed by data and d) employees, customers and suppliers are socially connected. Harmony is a platform that enables non-technical end users in large, medium and small enterprises to build native Apps in seconds, taking advantage of ubiquitous computing.

Today’s enterprise has taken an artisanal approach to mobile App development. This has bought success, but doesn’t scale. Costs are estimated to range from $100,000 to $2,000,000 with further maintenance cost.

Due to budget, resourcing or supplier constraints many ideas won’t be translated into development projects. For the lucky few that make it, don't forget to consider that an estimated 68 percent of IT projects fail!

Thanks to Harmony’s no-code approach, it is now possible to bring Apps to life instantly, with a 100% success rate.