Our Harmony Proteins™ Beauty Collagen Water is formulated with 5000 mg of our proprietary blend of beauty collagen and real fruit essence. Powered by collagen type 1 and 3, this premium age-defying mix is clinically proven to boost skin radiance, while strenghening hair and nails. Harmony Proteins™ Beauty Collagen Water products are the most convenient and best-tasting way to replenish your body's natural collagen supply.

The directions to enjoy Harmony Proteins are simple. Just add one packet of Harmony Proteins Collagen drink mix to 16oz. of water, shake, drink, and go! It can also be added to any hot or cold beverages, sparkling water, or smoothies.

• Grass-fed, pasture-raised Bovine Collagen
• Flavored with Natural Fruit Essence
• No sweeteners or sugars
• No colors
• All Natural
• Non-GMO
• Gluten-Free

At Harmony Proteins, we want to provide our customers with beauty and health benefits in an on-the-go package. It’s our mission to provide nutritional and beneficial products that can easily fit within our busy schedules.