Established in 1998, Hart Mind Soul was founded in order to provide graffiti artists with a productive outlet for expressing talent and ideas.  At Hart Mind Soul we hold dear original concepts of freedom and expression while helping others towards self-empowerment, setting and reaching goals, being accountable, and exceeding one's own dreams.

World Wide Headquarters: Portland, Oregon We produce, manufacture and distribute from the Pacific Northwest. You can order custom apparel from ANYWHERE!  Hart Mind Soul is proud to offer the same first class customer service and commitment to excellence wherever you are located. Locally, nationally or across the globe.

With limited production runs and seasonal designs there is always something new available. Our toll free number 1.800.968.0799 makes it easy for you to speak with a real person and our contact link will help you expedite the process:

Peter Nathaniel van Hartesveldt, President/Founder & CEO: Hart Mind Soul / HMS nation.