Harvest Development Group is an innovative consultancy firm that works in partnership with nonprofits to help them achieve their full potential.

We believe that what makes the top 5% of nonprofits so successful is that they apply business practices and operations to their organization. They nurture innovation and know that taking guided risks can be rewarding.

At Harvest Development Group, we do not believe in delivering quick fixes. Our aim is to deliver long-term solutions for long-term growth, performance, and profitability. Our highly trained teams are passionate about developing personalized solutions and a long term strategic plan, which caters to ongoing growth and performance.

Each solution is created to suit each organizations individual need. This is why we take time to research and analyze your current practices and the environment of your organization. By looking at the culture, practices, key opportunities, and threats we can find out what is holding it back from reaching the next level.

At the end of the contract we believe that leaving your organization in a ‘decent shape’ is not good enough. We work hard so your organization can become the best version of itself it can be. This is why at the end of every contact we train you to avoid the pitfalls so in the future you can continue down the road to prosperity and growth.