Veteran internet marketer and mentor Dan Hatcher has partnered with CEO and Founder Gerald Van Yerxa to announce the launch of Big Ticket To Wealth. Marketers are rushing to this new company because of it’s revolutionary concepts and amazing products. Affiliates of Big Ticket To Wealth have access to extensive internet marketing software and manuals. They also have full resale rights on the Flash Video software. That means as part of the Big Ticket To Wealth package, you own them. The marketing system is 98% automated which also enhances your level of success. The compensation plan with Big Ticket To Wealth is not a 1up, 2up or MLM program like those found at marketing companies like EDC Gold, Emerald Passport, Jaguar Marketing System, Roadmap to Riches, Advantage Conferences or Liberty League. In those programs affiliates have to wait till their 2nd or 3rd sale to start earning commissions. Affiliates of Big ticket To Wealth make up to $900 on every sale that they make, starting with their very first sale. They also make up to $900 on every sale that one of their first level affiliates makes. The result is an earning possibility in the thousands within the first months of marketing the program. Dan is a big believer in mentoring. Simply stated, someone new to internet marketing is not going to read an e-book and become an internet guru overnight. However,a mentor changes that equation significantly. Because of the override bonus that Big Ticket To Wealth pays to sponsors on each first level recruit's sales, sponsors are very motivated to see their affiliates do well. This fosters a mentoring attitude from top to bottom in the organization. You never have to worry about becoming the competition to your sponsor. In fact, they want you to. That is what makes Big Ticket To Wealth a stand out in the internet marketing field. When asked about Big Ticket To Wealth, Dan Hatcher said “This business is just amazing with the never seen before products like the flash videos. But what truly makes this business stand out is CEO and Founder Gerald Van Yerxa. With Big Ticket To Wealth you receive the support you need to build your capture pages that are name branded just for you. There also are multiple ways to market your business. But most important a real person to answer your questions and offer real help every step of the way”.