Haute Media Group owns and operates a network of media properties in the print, web, mobile, and e-commerce arena that targets the ultra-luxury market.

Haute Living Magazine operates in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco. We currently publish 24 magazine editions per year from our Miami headquarters, soon to be included, Russia – 2013. Haute Living’s goal is to provide editorial content that is as sophisticated as our readers with a strong editorial focus on inspiring power players and unstoppable business moguls alongside intriguing editorial on private jets, mega yachts, supercars, timepieces, and more.The 140,000 copies printed bimonthly ultimately translate to 700,000 readers per edition. Haute Living uses a controlled distribution model that places the magazine directly in the hands of our country’s most powerful individuals. Our distribution model includes, but is not limited to, placement on board 7,500 private jet flights every month, leaving from 14 major markets; direct mailings to an extremely exclusive list of who’s who across the United States and to more than 35,000 homes worth in excess of $3 million in our key regional markets; placement in more than 180 FBO private airports worldwide, in the lobbies of more than 1,400 top buildings, and in the rooms of the elite hotels in our cities. With Haute Living catering to those who live the private jet lifestyle, we ensure that our magazine is not only available at 180 private airfields in the U.S. and Europe, but also distributed on board more than 15,000 private flights each month. Independent, third-party research company Market Probe International recently did a survey of Haute Living reader demographics and discovered the average Haute Living reader has a net worth of $10 million dollars.
Haute Living provides advertisers with the ideal cost-effective medium to reach their targeted audience, a model that has had proven results, with an unmatched ROI by competitors.