Publishing books that make a difference. Currently releasing a new project that is designed to help victims and survivors of bullying and abuse to find their voices and begin healing early in life. The latest project, "The Tale of Haven's Brave," is currently being reviewed by school psychologists with the intent of creating a teaching guide to be used in schools. Haven's Brave is more than just an adventure story, it is the story of a young girl's voyage on the road healing and redemption. The material is a training guide specifically aimed at children, teens, and young adults to help them find a voice before they spend a lifetime suffering.

The goal is not to shock or frighten with graphic descriptions of abuse, but instead, to address the side effects of all kinds of abuse—the objective is to empower and inspire courage in the hearts of children, teens and young adults to encourage them to speak up immediately and get the help they need as soon as possible to begin the healing process early in life. It is a way to help victims to fight back. To stand up to fear, look into the eyes of the monsters, and say with conviction "No more...and never again!"

A survivor of childhood physical/emotional abuse and bullying—Gil has, for over fifteen years, contributed to "breaking the cycle" by working with children of all ages to better their self image through expressions in art and dancing and is also a personal defense trainer of women and children.

For the last four years he has donated his time to survivors of rape as well as victims of abuse to empower and teach them how to defend themselves. Using the lessons he has learned throughout his life-long journey and training combined with an amazing imagination he has produced a work dealing with this delicate and serious subject matter, in a tactful but forthright manner.
(www.havensbrave.com, havensbrave.blogspot.com)