The Environmental Council shall serve as liaison between the Director of the OEQC and the general public on issues concerning “ecology and environmental quality.” The EC consists of up to 15 dedicated and conscientious volunteers appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Hawai‘i State Legislature, and the Director of the OEQC, who serves as an ex officio member.

Members of the EC represent “a broad and balanced representation of educational, business, and environmentally pertinent disciplines and professions, such as the natural and social sciences, the humanities, architecture, engineering, environmental consulting, public health, and planning; educational and research institutions with environmental competence; agriculture, real estate, visitor industry, construction, media, and voluntary community and environmental groups.” (HRS 341‐3 (c))

The EC holds HRS Chapter 343 rule‐making powers. It also reviews and provides concurrence on agency exemption lists. The EC may make recommendations concerning ecology and environmental quality to the Director of the OEQC.