The Hawai’i Sacred Choir is a nonprofit, nondenominational choir formed to nurture in Hawai’i’s current and future generations an education in and love of the world’s greatest sacred choral literature from Gregorian chant (plainsong) through contemporary cathedral repertoire and to inspire Hawai’i and the world by performing it in concerts, worship services, community events, and recordings.

The choir’s mission is closely connected with the wishes of King Kamehameha IV and his wife, Queen Emma, known as “the Holy Sovereigns.”  A treasured wish of the Holy Sovereigns was that the Hawaiian people and their descendants sing great music.

The Hawai’i Sacred Choir’s intent is aligned with the sovereigns’ desire to share with the people the most glorious sacred choral music ever composed, sung by a multicultural choir of children trebles singing with adult voices, creating a creating a glorious and ethereal vocal texture similar to that of Choir of King’s College of Cambridge, England, or the historic Sistine Chapel Choir in Rome.