Hawk FX’s unique approach to customer care combined with their expertise and experience underpinned by industry-leading technology, allows a perspective of you, your requirements and the currency markets that will ensure your expectations are exceeded.

Our philosophy and approach are simple – our expertise and experience combined with the latest technology is used to enhance client care not replace it, to achieve an unwavering focus on client satisfaction. We first understand our customer’s requirements, influencing factors both internal and external, before adding our unique insight and perspective of the currency markets to ensure each tailored solution meets their needs now and as things change.

Uncertainty has always been a constant contributor to currency market volatility, never more so than the last twelve months in which we have seen unprecedented levels of volatility. Economic and political turbulence in the UK and the US has caused considerable market fluctuations for both sterling and US dollar. For example, sterling dropped more than 10% against the US dollar when the EU Referendum results were announced.

Any business with a foreign exchange requirement could be putting margins and profits at risk by not having a dynamic FX strategy and plan in place to mitigate currency market risk. The Hawk FX team have helped thousands of businesses take steps to protect themselves from the ravages of currency market volatility.Working closely with our clients, we take the pressure off sometimes overstretched treasury functions, helping them navigate past the pitfalls to helping their business grow.

Buying or selling an overseas property, emigrating, sending money to family and friends, repatriating earnings, or making payment for a luxury item? International money transfer experts, Hawk FX, will make sure your money gets to where you need it, on time every time.

Large One-off Payments
Currency specialists, such as Hawk FX, provide the best solutions for large one-off international money transfers. A combination of low to zero fees and the best available exchange rates, means you get the largest possible amount of currency for your money.

Protect against currency market fluctuations
Whatever your reasons for making an international transfer – overseas property, repatriating investment returns, pension transfers, all are subject to currency market fluctuations. Our currency solutions can lock in an exchange rate for up to 2 years, allowing you to protect against currency market fluctuations. Giving you peace of mind.

Target An Exchange Rate
When the currency markets are not at the desired level and your currency transfer requirement is not immediate. You can target an exchange rate if you believe the currency markets will improve.

Regular Overseas Payments
Making regular overseas transfers does not need to be an expensive and time-consuming nightmare; we can make the whole process effortless and most importantly remove the uncertainty of fluctuating exchange rates to ensure you know exactly how much your international money transfer will cost each month.

Chat to us about your requirements and find out how we can help you avoid losing thousands.