Haywood & Associates is a family owned and operated consumer and commercial collection agency which offers both third party debt collections services to its clients and first party services as well.

LOCATE, RECOVER, REMIT that is the Haywood & Associates way.  What that means is that on every account that is placed for collection with us we will first attempt to LOCATE the debtor utilizing our decades of experience in skip tracing and investigative techniques.   Using our global network of consumer and commercial data we can find those individuals that obfuscate their location in an effort to evade collections.

Once contact is made, we will aggressively RECOVER past due amounts owed to our client including all interest, late fees and finance charges which may have accrued prior to placement.  During recovery, we will adhere to all local state and federal laws rules and regulations and our entire staff is rigorously trained on maintaining full FDCPA compliance.  Our collectors  are seasoned  in facilitating negotiations yet you always hold the drivers seat in the process!  Haywood & Associates will always adhere to our clients specifications with regards to what we collect!  

After recovery is made, we REMIT what is owed to you in a timely fashion.   You are notified the same day a collection is made and all of our clients have access to the status on every claim they place.  Our flagship business model is tailored around complete transparency and we offer 24/7 claim status updates via phone email or text message so you are kept abreast of every change on your claims.  

We value your business and thank you for considering collecting with Haywood & Associates.