The HeadCheck Health app runs baseline and post-injury concussion assessments that tracks athletes’ overall concussion health, and provides instant comparisons to past test performances. The mobile app is based off of the gold standard Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 3 (SCAT3). HeadCheck Health measures a number of key identifiers of a concussion – including symptoms, neurocognitive function, and balance. HeadCheck Health’s key differentiator from SCAT3 is their patent-pending technology to measure an athlete’s balance. The app wirelessly connects to a small, highly responsive sensor held in a lightweight headband. The sensor collects body movement data from the athlete during the balance test, which is then processed using an algorithm to calculate an accurate and reliable balance score. This allows athletic trainers and doctors to make informed sideline decisions, reducing the mismanagement of serious head injuries. The app also collects data that can provide users with an instant comparison to previous test scores, and used as a baseline for future athlete care.

HeadCheck is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use concussion assessment tool at the most affordable price. For more information on HeadCheck Health visit www.headcheckhealth.com.