In an instant, your life can change. A car accident, a stroke, an aneurysm—these events can leave a lasting impact on you and your family. Since 1983, the Center for Head Injury Services has been the only full service provider of services for individuals with brain injuries in Missouri. As a local nonprofit, the Center helps your neighbors, friends and family regain their lives after a head injury. In addition to head injuries, the Center serves people with a wide range of disabilities including:

•     Traumatic Brain Injuries
•     Neurological Disabilities/Stroke
•     Learning Disabilities
•     Visual Impairment/Blindness
•     Chemical Dependency
•     Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
•     Mental Illness
•     Physical Limitations and Limited Mobility
•     Recent High School Graduates with an Individualized Employment Plan

The Center’s mission is to enhance the lives of people with brain injuries, autism and other developmental disabilities through a full continuum of community based services.