Headliner is your source of top news, delivered in videos made by the most entertaining people out there – our users!

We are Dana and Lini (lee-nee), two sisters in our twenties. Like most Americans, a huge chunk of our entertainment time was spent consuming different forms of news - election news, sports news, celeb news, local news about restaurants and shops and events. But the experience of consuming news was, simply put, not that entertaining.

The mission of headliner is to spice up the news and make it as entertaining, funny, and exciting as it deserves to be! We want to get sports news from die-hard fans, entertainment news from movie and TV buffs, election news from political junkies… and just about any news from comedians.

We built Headliner on this vision - a news broadcast for the mobile generation, where anybody can upload their 20-second take on a news headline and personalize it with their perspective, humor, or best cockney accent. If more people watch your videos and follow you, our algorithm will bump you into our Featured Feed.

Headliner is the news of the future: It's social, it's short-form, and it's customized for you. We don't decide what you should know; you do. And if you want to be a reporter, parodist, sportscaster, or pundit, put your stuff up. If you're good, people will watch you.

Whether you have a lot to say, or you have a lot to learn, or you just really like to laugh, we got you covered here. It's time for the next generation of media.