More than just a web design studio, we like to think Headspace is a little bit of internet marketing nirvana. Over the top? Well, imagine a place where beautiful design lives in harmony with standards-based applications. Where high-conversion rates and intuitive user-experience govern peacefully. A place where brands learn to make a promise they can keep and social media can reveal untapped business potential. Over the top? Yup. And we’re proud of it.

Headspace is a creative studio specializing in interactive design, development and marketing. It is founded on the notion that great ideas do not just apply to graphic design. Instead, creativity permeates every aspect of our business, from the content of a website to the strategies behind the technology we implement. And yes, we also design awesome websites.

What makes us different is in the way we approach each project. We’re nosey. We start by taking the time to really get to know you and your business – your history, your challenges, your successes, your goals. Get into your head space, you might say. Armed with an in-depth understanding, we develop a strategy that is custom-made to meet your specific objectives. Next step: passionate execution of that strategy. The big details and the small - design, content, functionality, usability - all while collaborating with you every step of the way. It's this mutual trust and partnership with our clients that allows us to achieve the best work possible. And allows you to get the best results possible.

But enough about us. What really gets us excited to start work every morning (and often keeps us up late at night) is how what we do brings our clients true return on investment and we back up that statement with detailed metrics that show evidence of results, be it higher online sales, more returning visitors, or better search engine rankings.