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The Healing Well Plan is a subsidiary of our parent company, The Healing Well Network. Our company has been in business since 2005. We have served clients throughout the Southeast and Southwest. During our seven years, we have adjusted our business model and framing to accommodate our clients. We choose to see the biggest picture possible www.healingwellnetwork.com  the first business we started we focused on the details that our clients have found to be the best approach in the area of health, wellness and healing. We have been creating and developing wellness formulas for friends, family and clients for over 15 years.

       Our Owner/Founder, Deanne Meningall has a B.Sc in Biology and has been a Certified Herbalist for over 7 years. Please read her full bio. We are a service driven company and we seek to bring balance to the health and well being to the sacred body temple.We all have first hand knowledge on how the body, mind and spirit can and will heal itself; in the presence of fresh water, sunlight, exercise, balanced whole food, vitamins, herbs and positive thinking. The Healing Well Plan is our answer to the needs of our clients who are lead busy lives yet they desire to live as healthy as possible in this fast paced world.

The process of selecting your wellness needs on-line and with a Certified Life and Wellness Coach to assist you whenever you need it, is like having a personal assistant at your fingertips! No matter what plan you choose, you will be completely satisfied with our service, quality of products and information we impart to you as our valued client. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our company you can cancel your annual wellness investment at any time.  Our Supplements: We use 100% Vegetable capsules and 100% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS, free of fillers, byproducts or synthetic ingredients.      

       To raise the vibration of each supplement, we play music via electric chimes and we place quartz crystal  on each herbal blend for 24 hours before it is encapsulated.  We recognize that everything we do is energy so therefore during our encapsulation process, we play peaceful music infuse  positive energy to the wellness room room, staff and of course, our supplements. We are an earth-friendly and conscious company and we do everything to support the earth. We use glass amber bottles in your initial order and mail your refilled supplements in recyclable paper bags along with a label and expiration date.
Our parent company, The Healing Well Network is a more hands on approach to bringing wellness to your home, school, business or civic organization. In this society, We are bombarded with pharmaceutical commercials, dis-ease and catastrophic events; it is our goal to shift the focus to health and well being. We offer workshops, supplements, books and other wellness items in a mobile capacity. We come to your home or clubhouse and ask you to gather 10-20 of your friends and/or family to listen to a 2 hour live interactive workshop or a podcast. We have loosely created our test model after Tupperware personal touch company; it has been a household name for over 60 years! We are currently training a Certified Wellness Team to become independent business owners throughout the United States! Contact us if you want to become a part of being of service to others by actively assisting others in their path of healing! We are seeking energetic, enthusiastic to join our team! Please use the contact box below to join our private email list for specials, discounts and comments.  All information we receive is confidential.