The discovery of key areas in the whole-body wellness paradigm including a scientific and practical re-examination, of ancient Oriental therapeutic techniques is the thrust of my current research.

By finding methods of caring for our health, based on ancient wellness techniques, avant guard and far-reaching organizations have made a noticeable difference in how people care for themselves.  In addition, my interviews and surveys of people using these novel health care techniques talk about how their practical results are spreading the word about verifiable solutions for our health care dilemma.  Using homeopathy, vibrational energy and non-transdermal approaches, they are providing practical answers that help people acquire:
  Non-drug energy enhancement
  Safe and effective means to get a better night's sleep without pills
  Non-drug methods to relieve muscle pains and resolve long-standing aches
  Unique non-drug regimes to control over-eating habits and excess weight
  Non-transdermal methods for a more youthful body and smooth skin
  New approaches to maintaining body stasis

I feel by implementing, and gathering the results, we can at last become the masters of our wellness destiny, rather than sinking into the morass of our current healthcare quagmire.  These areas are my challenges and my goals.  Your help in any of the above will be appreciated.