Healthcare Simulations’ (HCS) Automated Intelligent Mentoring System (AIMS) is developed for teaching and rigorously assessing procedural clinical skills performed by both novice learners and highly skilled professionals. AIMS measures human performance related to specific real-time 3-dimensional psychometric measurement of clinical procedural skills.
This technology has been created from using commercial off-the shelf Microsoft gaming technology. We help save lives by making professional medical education more affordable and accessible even in remote locations and developing countries. We integrated our product, AIMS, with cost-effective high tech gaming technology to create AIMS Core CPR+.  The aim is to have this technology in the community, schools, organizations, and other institutions. We have sponsored and currently sponsoring events that will give the community a way to interact with this technology. With this effort, more people will be able to save lives effectively. We are continuingly involved with the community and health organizations to make a difference. Our product is designed to be cost-effective so those who are at a disadvantage of receiving this kind of training can now do so with AIMS.
Our technology utilizes the Microsoft Kinect camera for Windows to observe and record experts demonstrating clinical procedural skills, creating a baseline for mastery level performance. AIMS observes students when practicing skills, compares their performance against the mastery level baseline, and provides feedback when he or she needs help or makes a procedural misstep. AIMS is able to provide professional instruction with individualized, virtual feedback for the learner, while providing detailed performance analytics for instructors to remotely analyze, react, and refactor their future instructional efforts.
AIMS has been undergoing testing and validation before commercial distribution, however; AIMS have been showcased, tested and publicized to prepare for our launch during the first quarter of 2014.
Not only works technically, but students have fun and gain confidence in their abilities. They can learn whenever it fits into their schedule while always getting professional feedback, so they do not practice and learn something wrong. We’ve submitted an evaluation report to the Center for Innovative Technology and presented the following advantages:
•     AIMS allows students to train for clinical procedural skills by enforcing standardized, positive learning experiences without the need of a clinical expert to be present.
•     Students can practice a procedure as often as they need to until they attain the required skill level. This practice can be conducted ad hoc wherever the AIMS system is available, including after hours.
•     AIMS provide exact measurements of procedural accuracy within allowed tolerance levels. Observation by an expert is replaced by totally unbiased measurements and comparison with the required activities.