Bangalore, 03-09-2015

After successfully implementing tele-medicine projects with the Bangladesh Government such that they will be able to provide medical assistance to the border guard forces and their families, at the same time prescribing drugs and creating unique medical records via a simple phone call.

Healtho5™ Solutions is a social and mobile health startup from Bangalore currently serveing 3.5 Lakh patients in Bangladesh; helping them to consult with the doctors via telephone, call center and video consultation on demand.
“Our aim is to digitize the way medical consultation has been functioning for each and everyone such that a patient’s health can be looked after with just a call or a message.
Since India and Bangladesh face many of the same problems, We now aim to launch this project in India such that we will be able to work with the state governments and hope to integrate our system with the smart cards (Aadhaar) and insurance schemes.” Said Kousik Rajendran, cofounder at Healtho5 solutions private limited.
Healtho5 are also launching a mobile application for India known as HealthWiz™. Healthiwiz is an online marketplace for healthcare and wellness services and products. HealthWiz™ will help a consumer to book doctor appointments with just a click on the app. Consumers can also pay for e-consultations, second opinions, book laboratory investigations, choose and pay for fitness services and much more.

To know more about Healtho5 visit us www.Healtho5.com or mail info@healtho5.com .