Health Promotion LIVE provides free weekly webinars with nationally & internationally recognized experts on topics important to professionals in health promotion related fields.  Our mission is to provide professionals with access to the highest caliber presenters on timely topics without barriers such as costly travel.  We believe that making this information available without restriction is critical for the advancement of individual professionals and our entire profession.

All events are recorded live and archived for anyone to access at their convenience.  All events are continuing education eligible for either Certified Health Education Specialists (CHES) and/or professionals certified through the American College of Sports Medicine.  Health Promotion LIVE is a part of the HPCareer.Net Partner Network (http://www.hpcareer.net).   Visit: http://HealthPromotionLIVE.com to learn more.

For additional information please contact Michaela Conley, MA CSMS, CEO/ Founder, HPCareer.Net, llc.