Cleveland Gary set to Acquire Ion Media Networks for Healthway Shopping Network and Black Shopping Channel

Cleveland Gary an African American investor wants to increase television viewing coverage for the two companies he founded, Healthway Shopping Network (HWSN, www.healthwayshoppingnetwork.com, and Black Shopping Channel (BSC)www.blackshoppingchannel.com.

Cleveland Gary wants to increase television viewing coverage for the two companies he founded, Healthway Shopping Network (HWSN) and Black Shopping Channel (BSC). Gary has determined that one of the most effective processes would be to acquire a large broadcast company already covering the television markets across America. ION Media is his target for a merger.

Ion Media Network is the largest media broadcast company in America reaching over 99 million homes.  Due to the increase in bandwith during the changes FCC made when moving from Analog to Digital signals, the acquisition of Ion Media Networks will provide channel access for Healthway Shopping Network and Black Shopping Channel to those 99 million homes on separate channels.  Ion Media Netowrk will also successfully allow both channels mobil access directly to Android and Iphones.  Internet TV through www.blackshoppingchannel.tv and www.healthwayshoppingnetwor.tv, will reach the worldwide web for both companies.

ION Media Networks is an old school broadcast company.  Television viewers do not have to be cable or satellite customers to receive the signal.  ION can reach a totally different group of customers that Healthway Shopping Network and Black Shopping Channel cannot currently reach.  In today’s economy, many potential customers do not have cable or satellite signals in their homes.  Additionally, many viewers are in their elder years and are not internet savy.  The benefit of broadcast television will always be beneficial.  In light of recent statistics, the average American views 8 ¾ hours of television dialy.  That is more hours than the average american works every day.  Reaching those Americans increases sales to both of Gary’s businesses, Healthway Shopping Network and Black Shopping Channel.

Gary’s intentions are to make both channels, Healthway Shopping Network and Black Shopping Channel available to every American viewer.  Both company’s have a very unique and vital approach to provide the American public with information and products that will benefit the viewers.

Gary’s intentions will be to merge all three companies for form one giant Ecommerce Media Network.  They will successfully have bridged the gap between entertainment only television and Ecommerce, Educational and Entertainment television.

Healthway Shopping Network (HWSN) provides the viewer the benefit of viewing the newest Natural Health products available for sale, nutritional and herbal beneficial information and the newest information on various illnesses in order to assist the public in making informed decisions concerning their health.  It is vital that every American can receive this information.  Considering that many Americans are facing their elder years, homebound and are not savy to the internet, it is very vital that the information concerning their continued good health come to them in a form that they can use the information and buy the products and those same purchases can be delivered to their door.  

Black Shopping Channel (BSC) serves a dual purpose to the American public.  BSC is the only television platform that allows the small business owner to put his products on television in a television shopping format.

About Healthway Shopping Network
Healthway Shopping Network (HWSN) is the only Health TV Shopping Network in America.  Healthway Shopping Network (HWSN) has just become a public company and is in it’s preIPO stages and is seeking investors.  HWSN is currently selling stock to investors directly from the company in its PreIPO stages for only $2.00 per share in a $27,000,000 offering to continue growing the company. This sale of shares at this reduced price per share will only continue until the shares are available on the exchange which is anticipated to be a few weeks.  Shares are then anticipated to increase as the stock market drives the price per share.   Additional information can be obtained by calling 877-564-4976, visiting the website www.healthwayshoppingnetwork.com.

About Cleveland Gary
Cleveland Gary, an African American financier and investor,  is the founder and CEO of Healthway Shopping Network which was recently declared a public company by the Securites and Exchange Commission and Black Shopping Channel which is privately held.  Currently, Gary’s net worth reaches over $350 million.  Gary is also a retired NFL player who played for the LA Rams.