Company: Healthy Balanced Meals, established in 2010

Mission: To improve the lives of every individual by helping them to maintain a diet of healthy balanced meals.

How: By providing easily understandable information on food, health, and balanced meals.

Experience:  BSc and MBA; mother; researcher; experimenter; healthy food lover.

Healthy Balanced Meals have always been of interest to me. Regardless of food choice preferences, healthy balanced meals and eating healthy natural foods is critical to our overall health and well being.

Understanding food has always been an important part of my life. I started researching food in the early 1980′s. It became apparent that the type of foods we ate had different effects on our bodies. Not only that, the way that we combined foods, the order that we ate them in and the quality of the foods we ate were critical to our overall health. So, I began to read, and research. And then I began to experiment with recipes – modifying them, substituting ingredients and playing. As well, I experimented with a variety of food choice styles which included: vegetarian, meat eating, dairy free, wheat free, raw food, high protein and low carbohydrate diets. I experimented with removing white sugar, tea, and coffee from food plans.

My BSc gives me the practical skills needed to understand the chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition and physiology of the foods. As a mother of two wonderful children, I researched the type of foods to feed infants, toddlers and young children. Both children had healthy lives and seldom suffered from common colds or flu viruses. As children, they lived virtually antibiotic free and I believe this is a direct result of a eating healthy balanced meals.

Practical experience that I bring with me includes an understanding of (but is not limited to): chemistry, biochemistry; nutrition; food additives; children’s diets; fad diets; vegetarian and raw food diets; meat based diets; alkaline diets, dairy free diets.
The goal of Healthy Balanced Meals is to educate and provide information on food, health, and balanced meals that is easily understandable to everyone. There are a large number of fad diets that cause havoc in people’s lives, cause them to fail, and leave them feeling hopeless. It is necessary to help individuals get a clear and precise understanding of eating natural healthy balanced meals. They need to learn the health and lifestyle consequences of making poor food choices as well as the positive results associated with eating healthy balanced meals. It is my intention to assist anyone interested in returning to healthy balanced meals regardless if they are vegan or meat eaters, vegetarian or raw foodists.

It is now time to share the knowledge that I have gained over the last 30 years with the public. My goal is to help any individual get a better understand of food and nutritional value, and to help them obtain a diet based on healthy balanced meals.