Mamma Munchies was created to help nursing moms take better care of themselves throughout their breastfeeding journey, starting with healthy snacking. We understand the constant battle of hunger while nursing and the struggles of low energy associated with reaching for the convenient and unhealthy foods with little to no nutritional value. Our goal is to help new moms gain access to snacks that are nutritiously beneficial to both self and their little one while experiencing less stress around food.

We have collaborated with brands (mostly established by other mompreneurs) that produce snacks with premium quality ingredients containing superfoods (including oatmeal, figs, apricots and seeds such as sesame, chia, and flax seeds) all known to aid with lactation. They are organic and/or all natural and free from dairy, gluten, wheat, soy and artificial ingredients, for moms with food sensitivities.

 Nursing moms can rely on Mamma Munchies to deliver the best snacks to meet their breastfeeding needs.

“Helping moms snack healthier while nursing happier.”