The Healthy Homes Council is a non­profit organization created with the mission to actively assist home and business owners in the identification and correction of conditions that cause a property to deteriorate, lose value, and present potentially hazardous health conditions in the environment within which they live or work. The Council offers free inspections to uncover problems, and provides expert advice, guidance, and special home repair programs to restore the property to a normal and healthy status, as well as assistance in effectively filing insurance claims to maximize compensation for the property owner.
The Council’s initial area of focus is property damage and health issues arising from mold thriving in the home or business as a result of undetected or unrepaired water leakage. Indications and effects include irritation to the eyes, skin and throat, allergic reactions, problems with breathing and the lungs, adverse affects to the immune system, poisoning, and general feelings of sickness.
Additionally, the Council has inspection programs for Chinese Drywall, Asbestos and most recently for Zika Virus environments which promote mosquito growth.
Future planning for the Council includes inspections and additional programs to address a more complete range of property issues that present potential health hazards in accord with our support of awareness, education, and action to promote healthy conditions in homes and businesses.