Healthy Minds Canada (HMC) is a national charity that raises funds to support research and education and raise awareness into and about mental illness and addictions.  Since 1980, HMC has funded 400 research projects at 42 universities and teaching hospitals across Canada.  HMC has reached dozens of thousands of people through knowledge transfer initiatives such as workshops, symposia, printed and on-line resources and hundreds of thousands more through social media.  

HMC’s three volume handbook series “When Something’s Wrong”, is designed to assist teachers, families, and employers in identifying and managing mental health and addictions issues in their respective environments.  Over the past three years, HMC has been working with parents, teachers, and other caregivers to adapt the content of our handbooks for a new on-line tool called Supportive Minds (www.supportiveminds.ca) that contains evidence-based information for parents with children suffering from mental illness.  HMC paired behavioural characteristics with dynamic “decision-trees”, allowing parents interested in learning coping strategies to create their own Coping Strategy Tip Sheet.  

Other initiatives include the development of apps and collaboration with wearable technology companies to complement the subject matter in the books and to instill empathy and mindfulness about all areas of mental wellness.