HEALTHYSENSEOFSELF is an America-based educational organization with a global mission: to promote world peace through helping individuals restore their Sense of Self. We can teach you how to overcome your addiction to approval! We promote inner peace by encouraging you to be your true Self so you can live a full and authentic life on your own terms.

The Sense of Self Method is a problem solving method for individuals who are drawn to self-help methods and willing to explore deeply their own inner workings. According to Vogels, “People can do a whole lot more for themselves than they think. From healing themselves from ailments and self-destructive habits, to becoming more effective parents and giving their children more chances in life. If we know our Self and how to be our own best friend, we can have better relationships of every kind, And while doctors, counselors and other therapists are valuable professionals and resources, isn’t it even better to know that if preferred you could be your own best therapist.”