Hearful is the first voice of the customer platform designed to discover granular and actionable "product insights"‚Äč, as opposed to brand or experience insights.

We believe that if brands and retailers can better understand, predict, and deliver product success, brand value and customer acquisition will follow.

Hearful is used by both global and emerging brands to meet key objectives; such as accelerated growth, superior product innovation, higher quality customer service, improved merchandising and channel allocation results, lower product return costs, and more on-target branding and marketing campaigns.

Hearful was developed by a team of data scientists with a background in consumer brands and retailing because we saw gaps in the market. First generation social listening solutions have largely been designed to collect social sentiment but not provide more granular and operational insights to decision makers. These solutions often believe using machine learning and artificial intelligence are the ends to a mean as opposed to technologies that can help improve results.  At Hearful we know and understand the need for human intelligence, intelligence with industry expertise to guide machines and the artificial.

Hearful's platform collects and integrates unstructured voice-of-the-customer data from anywhere your customers are talking about your brand, products, sites or stores. Hearful can seamlessly integrate this data with your own first party data, creating a robust data pool to leverage across the enterprise. Hearful can also employ its variety of modelling techniques to map this (un)structured voice-of-the-customer data to your existing customer segments.

Hearful makes our customers more competitive, innovative and aware of their market opportunities.