Hearing Technologies,LLC is a certified installer of Hearing Loops in Virginia,North Carolina ,Maryland and Tennessee. We offer professional service beginning with a full site survey to help determine how the Hearing Loop can best address your specific needs. Every loop installation is designed specifically for your venue. No two are alike.

Our engineering staff includes 2 RCDD's which will design and inspect all systems and work with your sound engineers throughout the process.

Upon completion of each installation we will give the necessary on-site training to ensure the full benefits are realised. Only at this stage do we ask for client acceptance and sign-off.

The technology, which has been widely adopted in Northern Europe, has the potential to transform the lives of tens of millions of Americans, according to national advocacy groups. As loops are installed in stores, banks, museums, subway stations and other public spaces, people who have felt excluded are suddenly back in the conversation.

Just as WiFi connects people to the Web in wired places, hearing loops — simple wires that circle a room or part of a room — can connect many hearing aids and cochlear implants directly to sound systems. Bypassing ambient noise, this wireless connection lets users clearly hear actors on stage, the person in the subway information booth, their ministers or rabbis, announcements at an airport, even their own television sets.

A hearing loop, typically installed on the floor around the periphery of a room, is a thin strand of copper wire radiating electromagnetic signals that can be picked up by a tiny receiver already built into most hearing aids and cochlear implants. When the receiver is turned on, the hearing aid receives only the sounds coming directly from a microphone, not the background cacophony.

HEARING TECHNOLOGIES has over 20 years experience in the installation of low voltage systems and wiring.