Heart New Media is an Essex based new media agency that offer fresh and vibrant offline and online marketing solutions, website design,  e-commerce solutions and web hosting services throughout Essex, London and the UK in general and across all sectors.

New Media is not just about putting up a website. It is about providing engaging, useful and easy to use websites and digital channels matched with innovative offline and online marketing strategies that are relevant to and resonate with your target audiences.

So why choose Heart New Media? Our team have extensive experience in creating digital and professional website design and e-Commerce development solutions and online marketing strategies that truly engage with your customers and target audiences. Our approach is simple....we make sure that we understand your business objectives, then we make sure that we know who your target customers are, what they want and how best we can engage with them. It is then a case of using our inspiration, experience and innovation to create compelling online marketing and website design solutions that exceeds expectations.

We work with companies from leading consumer brands to SMEs across many sectors including Retail, Travel, Finance, Professional Services and Local Government to ensure that their marketing campaigns are seen, heard and engaged with. The team collectively, have decades of experience having created solutions and managed projects on over 400 strategy, marketing and website design projects in over 35 countries for leading brands and clients such as Orange, Shell, Dell, HSBC, CGNU and many more.

Our Services include:

E-Mail Marketing
PR Social & Media
Online Advertising
Affiliate Marketing
Pay per Click Campaigns
Search Engine Marketing
Website Optimisation
B2B and B2C Programs

Website Design & Web 2.0
Blogs & Communities
Mobile Site Design
Microsite Design
Extranets & Intranets
Interactive Ads
Content Management
e-Mail Templates

Contact Management
Website Development
Mobile Development
CRM & Sales Management
Online Booking
Domain Name Services