Animal Communicator,Reiki Master Teacher,Equine Aroma-therapist and Equine Experiential Coach

Animal communication can help individuals whose pets may have behavioral, emotional or physical problems. Assisting in discovering positive and healthy solutions that allow the creation of a happy bond with your animal companion.

Reiki can help your animals and yourself release physical or emotional imbalances that can cause the immune system to become compromised leaving one vulnerable to physical injuries and illness. Reiki can help our animals to clear their minds and become more focused on what they are doing allowing them to perform at their optimum ablities.

Aroma-therapy is a very powerful and natural way to address any physical or emotional ailments.CindyI use essential oils for a varitey of things from safe and natural cleaning and disinfectants to muscle strains and sprains, wound care, respirtatory conditions and digestive problems and emotional truamas, just to name a few.

Cindy coahes horses and riders by combining all of her unique skills to help them discover limitations that may be interferring with them in achieving their goals and dreams. We often do not see or understand what the underlying cause is that is holding ourselves and/or our horses back until a coach is call on to help reveal them.

Cindy is also an equine experiential coach assisting individuals, families and groups in building communication, leadership, problem solving and team building skills with the help of her horse partners.