Commercial photography specializing in food and beverage. Studio work in the greater Los Angeles area, location assignments world wide. Fresh creativity and technical excellence.  We make your budget numbers work. We get it!

After earning a degree in commercial photography from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, Heather Winters moved to the Los Angeles area and opened her photography business specializing in culinary photography. These days her work carries her throughout California and around the country from Washington State to Texas, shooting a variety of products and styles for everything from fast-food menu boards to boutique cookbooks that border on fine art. Heather combines her mastery of studio flash and natural lighting with an understanding of color and design to create emotionally compelling, appetizing culinary images.

From freezing a splash of wine at the perfect moment, to capturing the warm inviting colors of a thanksgiving spread, Heather’s work is infused with joy, creativity, and an understanding that how food looks is an important part of how good it tastes.