About Us

Heat Roc Management is an extensive artist management firm highly specializing in Music, Fashion, and Art within the entertainment industry.


Our mission is to provide unique and innovative means of artist exposure through extensive industry trends and analysis, viable distribution and record contracts for our artist, lucrative endorsements through sophisticated branding, and conservative business venture to invest acquired wealth. As an artist driven company, Heat Roc Management is run by industry and market professionals, who understand the importance of communication, strict-deadlines, professionalism, mutual collaboration, and hand-ons approach to our client’s projects.


Truly dedicated to building long-term relationships with our artist, Heat Roc Management works stringently to accentuate appeal in an ever-changing entertainment industry, by effectively analyzing and targeting each artist target audience while staying true to their image and goals.


Heat Roc Management is a unique merger of two individuals with over ten years experience in Artist Development, Management, Media, Marketing, Fiscal Finance, and Brand Awareness.