Heckler Kane Creations works tirelessly on a multitude of projects, including short films, full-length features, television shows, and music videos. The project scope includes everything from script writing, directing, editing and distribution. Most recently the team is producing a weekly podcast called The Imperfect Podcast. The podcast features weekly interviews with independent film makers, actors, writers and musicians.

Heckler Kane Creations is comprised of four partners who share a common vision for their company. The team has a vision to create a legacy of work that will inspire others and evoke emotions. The partners excel in producing original work and hope to form relationships with other imaginative thinkers in the industry.

The podcast was created as a vehicle for other indie film makers to tell their stories and showcase their work. Previous guests include film maker and writer Harrison Smith, Simpsons writer and producer Michael Price as well as actor Geoffrey Cantor from Marvel's Daredevil series on Netflix.

For more information and previous episodes visit http://hecklerkane.com. The Imperfect Podcast is available for free on YouTube, iTunes and SoundCloud.

More about the partners:
Joe Kane: Writer, Actor, Producer & Editor

Joe is a natural born musician, who began playing instruments while he was still in the single digits of his life. He has performed in countless bands as a guitar, piano, bass, and drum player. Some of his idols include Eric Clapton, Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton, and Dan Aykroyd.

Wayne Heckler: Actor & Director

Wayne has had a life long interest in the arts, with his love for film originating from his attraction to words and their affects on society. At a young age, Wayne found himself immersed in poetry and admiring the work of musicians like Jim Morrison of The Doors. The meaningful words artists use to express themselves are what attract him to specific types of music.

Dan Kane: Writer & Producer

As a former college athlete, Dan understands the importance of discipline and hard work. His time off of the basketball court was spent focusing on American Studies, giving him insight into real life events and how they have shaped the world we live. Dan brings realistic perspectives to the company’s projects. Dan also has a background in music as a drummer. As Joe’s younger brother, Dan has been an integral part of Heckler Kane from the very beginning. Acting as a confident for his older brother to bring forth his creative visions.

Sal Conca: Marketing, Producer & Director

As a long time friend and band mate of Joe, Sal is the newest addition to Heckler Kane Creations. Sal is a classically trained saxophonist and a taught himself guitar. With a bachelor’s degree in music business and an MBA in marketing. Known as the “businessman” of the group, Sal brings new insight to the group. He is affectionately  The team relies on his ability to organize and control the chaos that comes during the planning of projects.