The HEC Network fills a need in the Tampa Bay Area by providing an affordable and high-quality networking association specifically designed for the Hospitality, Entertainment, and Cuisine industries.

Professionals within these industries are typically under-served in mainstream business networking groups and associations. Traditional networking meetings often do not have the right schedule, educational programs, resources, and contacts that are relevant to owners, Managers, and Professionals within the Hospitality, Entertainment, and Cuisine industries.

The HEC Network caters to Hospitality, Entertainment, and Cuisine industries and provides Owners, Managers, and Professionals a comfortable and convenient environment to meet, learn, and build strength at a local level.

Enjoy an interactive, educational networking organization where you can connect, build alliances, and grow your business with a unique group of seasoned professionals.

What the Heck is HEC?

Our vision is to be the premier resource for the Hospitality, Entertainment, and Cuisine industry. We provide a high-quality and active networking environment where industry professionals can connect, learn, and thrive.

By combining the power of face-to-face meetings with cutting edge online resources, HEC Network offers members an affordable, flexible, and effective tool for:

- Marketing their business and promoting their brand
- Building strategic alliances and finding industry suppliers
- Staying in tune with local and state regulations
- Gaining access to relevant educational workshops and product demonstrations
- Learning best practices and growing revenues

Making it in the in Hospitality, Entertainment, and Cuisine industries is tough.   Every year high numbers of owners and investors leave the industry after spending months waiting for customers to walk in the door. The HEC Network believes there is strength in numbers.

By bringing together three adjacent industries: Hospitality, Entertainment, and Cuisine, the HEC Network opens doors for Business Owners and Managers to expand their sphere of influence, share best practices, collaborate for mutual success, and access tools for sustainable business growth.

HEC Network members benefit from:

- Accessible and conveniently timed monthly networking meetings and events
- Proactive networking and connecting with industry partners
- Industry-related presentations and educational product demonstrations
- Relevant industry news and events that affect our local market
- Visibility and market exposure via events and online business directory