Educational system in India has changed entirely, it’s not just about sitting in classroom & theorizing infinitely about the world. Extra-Curricular activities are as important as curriculum.  Education does not mean only class room study, is much more than that. It is about realizing ourselves, the nature of our lives; our histories; our beginnings; human evolution; progress and development; the future and potential of the world; and what better way of discovering these than traveling around and experience these miracles for yourself?

Heera Holidays organizes trips in such a manner so that students enhance their self-confidence, communication & leadership skills & other skills which will help them to achieve in future & brings over all personality development amongst children. Interactive sessions, learning games, fruitful activities and personal experiences all these help them in personality development.
It’s a proven fact that we discover when we travel a lot. Students have the potential to bring changes & discover the hidden truth. Keeping that in mind we have come up with completely new schemes & arrangements at special concessions & discounted rates. Our educational tours in India will cover historical, social, religious, art and architectural sights.

Heera Holidays will indulge the students in interactive games throughout the journey to make the experience more rewarding. Educational Tours will add value to the classroom experience for young people worldwide through an evolving discovery of self and purpose by offering journeys that encourage the students to interact with members of different cultures and backgrounds. We also pay emphasis of the importance of preserving the ecology and teach students different things they can adopt insure the same. At our Camps, Students inherit love & care for nature and respect for environment while developing a sense of preservation of nature. All are activities like camp fire, rock climbing, scuba diving, safari, fishing trip, treasure hunt, river rafting & many more will be conducted by trained instructors. We arrange programs & tours keeping mind their age & interest, different activities for different age groups.