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Since 1967, International Genealogical Search Inc. has strived to become the leading North American heir search firm by means of providing "A Better Way" to find missing Heirs, Beneficiaries, Legatees, Stockholders, Class Action Claimants, and Intellectual Property-rights owners for the legal and trust communities.

We Find Missing Heirs A Better Way®

Reasonable Non-Percentage Based Fees: Unlike many of our competitors, which may charge up to 1/3 or more, of the person's inheritance as a finder's fee, we work with attorneys and trust officers to provide solutions at a reasonable cost and never charge a percentage of the estate or trust.

High Success Rate: A 97% success rate in our searches is the result of the vast experience, knowledge and expertise of our researchers. Results Guaranteed: We guarantee the accuracy of our results. Further, with all Standard Fee Searches, we unconditionally guarantee a successful result or there is no charge.

Our Search Services include:
Missing Heir Search, Missing Beneficiaries Search, Missing Legatees Search, Notice to Heirs Search, Quiet Title Search, Mass Tort Plaintiffs Search, Due Diligence Search, Witness to Will Search, Heirs of Wrongful Death Search, Intellectual Property Owners/Copyright Owners Search, Class Action Search, Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights Search

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