For 23 years Heliogramme has partnered with top agencies and corporations to keep print the first choice of advertisers by stressing the importance of enhanced reproduction quality of newspaper ads and other various print designs. We realized very quickly that the only way to sell our product was visually, in print.

Heliogramme is a special niche vendor with a very unique process. We produce "photo enhancing" conversions of the color or b&w digital images our clients produce for print design. Our conversions allow you to achieve excellent print reproduction in your magazine ads, newspaper ads, package/container designs, exhibit/display graphics, signage and even billboard designs. Our HeliColor Dot and HelioDot-SR replace the standard halftone for rich smooth gradations and sharp definition of your images. We also have a variety of techniques for interesting creative treatment of your images. Our processes work with flexography, screen and offset printing methods with color or b&w digital files.