Helix was established in 1995 merging the different capabilities and experiences of its founders like cultural heritage management, territory management, geology, civil protection, etc.
Helix approached each sector providing solutions based on geospatial technology and develops and sells software and related services in the field of geographic information systems (GIS).
Helix has collaborations with important companies market leader in software for managing geographic data and instrumentation for positioning on the field and the field survey data.
The main target is anyone has to manage complex workflow that can be supported using geospatial solution.
Typical prospects are :
– Public Administration, both local and central, that have big difficulties to manage their accounts;
– Public and private companies (utilities, local transportation companies....), that have to manage always problems like customer retention, customer care, asset management, investment management..;
– Engineering companies, that use geospatial solutions to support their workflows;
– Consultant that sometime are the frontline supporting customers in their business.