Podcasters new and seasoned can plan their future episodes, guests, tasks, and attachments all in one place.

No more hunting down details in Trello, Google Sheets, Asana, old emails, and your calendar. See all of your episodes in an organized list, in detailed views, and on a visual calendar that works with Google Calendar. Filter or find them based on your custom details. Review and update notes effortlessly.

A built-in contact manager supports adding and updating guest details on all your guests, past and present, including contact info, bios, and your private prep notes.

HelloCast is the first online tool built with podcasters in mind, making for fast adoption for solo podcasters and serious podcasters alike, whether you work alone or with others and manage multiple podcasts.

The HelloCast team has also launched two free Google Chrome browser extensions for podcasters who need to conduct research — HelloClips and HelloProfiles. The two tools make it easy to capture content online to be used with any research collection tool or app: Evernote, Google Docs, OneNote, and of course, HelloCast.