Help Button Designs was created to enhance the look of Medical Alert Pendants. Many people wearing them often complain about how they look, so they are hidden under their clothes or not worn at all. Many have even tried to 'bedazzle' the pendants by gluing gems and other fashion accessories to enhance the look causing more damage to the pendant.

Working in the Medical Alert Industry, a design option was always a top question that many would always ask, not only from clients wearing them, but from professionals working with the elderly. Because of so many requests, our goal was to come up with a simple solution that would enhance the look of the pendant, where they could easily add a cover to it, change it out when they wanted, and have no interference with the button in the event that it was to be pressed. Because of our experience, we understand that safety is the primary focus when it comes to a Medical Alert Pendant, but is a concern if they are not wearing it. As a solution, Help Button Designs was created to encourage people to wear their pendants by making it more attractive. Medical doesn't have to look so medical!

All of our Pendant Designs are custom made for each pendant type. They are easy to apply, removable, and water resistant. Better yet, they won't come off until you take them off and no residue is left behind. Because of our stylish and unique patterns, the pendants are often mistaken for a nice piece of jewelry!